Historiadialogit, osa 4: HLBTQ+-liikkeiden käännekohtia

Historiadialogit | History dialogues:

Making LGTBQ+ histories and trans-forming rights. 

Wednesday May 11 2022 from 18:00 to 21:00

At Museum of Impossible Forms (Keinulaudankuja 4 E, Kontula, Helsinki)


In 2022, depolarize.fi inquires what we can learn from history as we work for equity in society today. For this, we are organising a series of dialogues that will explore the histories of different civil rights struggles in Finland. What happened when changes for the better were made? What struggles and forms of resistance have different groups and diaspora communities undertaken to gain recognition for their rights, to improve their living conditions and well-being, and to preserve their distinctiveness?

We welcome all those interested in learning more and sharing knowledge in these issues. The idea is to gather, to encounter new histories and peoples, to exchange ideas and to celebrate being together in difference.

The event series is organised by Miriam Attias & Giovanna Esposito Yussif and hosted by the Museum of Impossible Forms. The project is funded by Kone Foundation.


Historiadialogit | History dialogues session 4: Making LGTBQ+ histories and trans-forming rights with Tuula Juvonen, Julian Honkasalo and Hassen Hnini.


We warmly welcome you to the fourth event of the History Dialogues series, which will focus on the LGTBQ+ history in Finland. The evening will start with presentations by Tuula Juvonen, Julian Honkasalo and Hassen Hnini, followed by an opportunity for public discussion. After the presentations there will be refreshments and snacks, along with a special playlist for the evening.

The talks will be in English.

About the speakers:

Tuula Juvonen is a gender studies researcher and lecturer at the University of Tampere. Juvonen is interested in the history and current state of gender and sexuality diversity in Finland. Juvonen is leading a research project funded by the Academy of Finland on queer and transactivism from the perspective of affect theories (2021-2025).

Julian Honkasalo is a Research Fellow at the Academy of Finland, Associate Professor of Gender Studies at the University of Helsinki and a member of the Politiikasta editorial board.

Hassen Hnini is a LGBTIQ and human rights activist. Since 2018, Hnini works with Loisto Setlementti, Sopu-work unit which seeks to prevent honour related violence and support those victims. Hnini is co-founder and chairperson of BuraQ, the first LGBTIQ+ muslims and muslims background organisation in Finland.


Image courtesy of Työväen Arkisto (Workers’ Archive).

Confiscation of the ”I I urge you to engage in homosexual deeds” sign at Seta’s liberation days on 16 May 1981. Two policemen stop a demonstrator and confiscate the sign. After the confiscation, Seta compiled a list of 24 names of people who made a mass confession for urging homosexuality. The act was directed against the so-called ”no solicitation” clause. Photographer: Hannu Vierula.

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